AABP Rules and Regulations

  1. The deadline for submitting books to the AAIBP is 15 March 2018
  2. Eligible titles are academic publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences, written by an African scholar on an Asia-related topic or by any author on Africa-Asia (transnational) linkages.
  3. Publications may be in English, French or Portuguese.
  4. Publications must have been first published after July 2014 (no new editions).
  5. New editions, reference works, anthologies, fiction, poetry, travel books, autobiographies, memoirs, pamphlets, textbooks and exhibition catalogues are not eligible.
  6. Books must be submitted online by the publishers (academic presses or commercial publishers).
  7. Upon entering the titles, publishers will be instructed where to send the hardcopies (5 in total). No books shall be returned (if, for example, they prove to be ineligible).
  8. The ICAS Secretariat administers the AAIBP. It is responsible for the formation of the AAIBP Reading Committee.
  9. The AAIBP Reading Committee will adhere to jointly agreed points of departure in its decision making process.
  10. The decision of the Reading Committee is final.
  11. The Winner of the AAIBP 2018 shall be announced during the Second International Africa-Asia Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (20-22 September 2018).

The Winner of the AAIBP 2018 will be awarded with a travel grant to ICAS 11 in Leiden (the Netherlands), where s/he will again be honoured at the IBP Awards Presentation, and encouraged to present her/his Winning Title during the ICAS Book Carrousel (www.icas.asia).