IIAS-ACSL Joint Fellowship Program


This fellowship is jointly offered by IIAS and the African Studies Centre Leiden. It is intended for researchers specialising in Asian-African interactions.

It aims to attract researchers whose work is informed by current theoretical debates in the social sciences and humanities over global connectivities and who are able to critically engage with shifting paradigms  in “area studies” beyond the ways in which these have traditionally been conceived in the West.

We are particularly interested in receiving fellowship proposals that go beyond a mere analysis of current issues associated with African-Asian comparative economic developments or Chinese investments in Africa—although none of these themes, if appraised critically and for their societal consequences, will be excluded. Our definition of Asia and Africa is broad and inclusive, Asia ranging from the Middle-East to the Pacific Coast, and Africa from North-Africa to the southern tip of the continent.

For information on how to apply, click here.



Mayuka Tanabe The socio-cultural impact of Japanese-Moroccan cooperation in the fishing industry

Yu Qiu Complicit Intimacy: a study of Nigerian-Chinese intimate/business partnerships in South China

Mahmood Kooria Malabar in Zanzibar: Asian-African Intersections in the Circulation of Legal Texts across the Indian Ocean



Samson Bezabeh The interaction between Yemeni diaspora, states and empires in the Horn of Africa

Julia Martinez Chinese indentured labour in the French Congo

Karan Singh Syncretic Heritage: Sidhis of India (a diasporic African community in India)

Nidhi Mahajan Moorings: Indian Ocean Trade and the State in East Africa



Romain Dittgen Spatial aspects of the Chinese presence in Sub-Saharan Africa