International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

IIAS is a global Humanities and Social Sciences research institute and a knowledge exchange platform, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. It initiates and promotes interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral programmes that engage Asian and other international partners. Many of its activities take place in Asia, thereby anchoring the core of knowledge-making about Asia in Asia.

Activities include multi-year research programmes and the building of academic networks, the organisation of international conferences, a fellowship and publication programme, PhD in-situ graduate schools and the publication of a free periodical on Asian Studies (titled The Newsletter). The Institute aims to promote a more integrated understanding of Asian realities today. In particular, through its research programmes, it aims to contribute to new humanistically-informed and policy-relevant knowledge about Asia.

IIAS organises most of its research and other activities around its three thematic clusters: Asian Heritages, Asian Cities, and Global Asia. The purpose of this approach is to cultivate synergy and coherence between people and projects, and not to exclude anything or anyone. IIAS remains open to other possibly interesting areas of investigation. The activities of these clusters are all built around the notion of social agency and address questions relevant to present-day Asian societies, while paying attention to their cultural and historical contexts.

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