Transoceanic Africa-Asia Connections

Book review
Mahmood Kooria
Publication date: 
June 2018

The Indian Ocean was not always the ‘Indian’ Ocean. It has also been an African Ocean known as the Zanj Ocean, Abyssinian Ocean, and Ethiopian Ocean. These names forgotten in popular imaginations as well as in academic scholarship represent a larger problem surrounding the maritime littoral: the neglected historical and contemporary role of Africans in this seascape and on its shores. Yet, in the last decade new studies have been appearing in the field, and the three books under present review represent this new trend.

Reviewed Titles:

Malik Ambar: Power and Slavery Across the Indian Ocean. Ali, O.H. 2016. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press

Africa in the Indian Imagination: Race and the Politics of Postcolonial Citation. Burton, A. 2016. Durham and London: Duke University Press

Africa in the Indian Ocean: Islands in Ebb and Flow. Sellström, T. 2015. Leiden and Boston: Brill